In the past we’ve covered what embossing is and how it works. But what are the major benefits to embossing your materials? As experts in embossing for Milwaukee and the surrounding areas, we’d like to discuss some of the many benefits embossing can provide as well as dive a little more deeply into what it entails.

For one, many businesses find they enjoy the immediate attention and product recognition they receive with embossing. Embossing creates a memorable experience for their customers and many businesses find that their printed materials receive far more attention than they would have otherwise.


Embossing is often used to highlight key details of the design, such as logos, slogans or graphics. Embossing can also be combined with foil stamping and the like for an even more memorable brand experience. Gold and silver foils are commonly used, through solid colors are also employed to enhance the visual quotient of the product. Either text or both image and text may be embossed. The technique renders work especially well for heavier stock and detailed die, creating intricacy and depth to take visual interest to the next level.

Embossing also provides a great ROI (return on investment) because it provides a huge impression and increases perceived value without costing you too much. It simply creates visual complexity by adding a new dimension to your brand message and graphic.

Embossing also offers a wide variety of effects for a truly unique look. Embossing can incorporate a number of die styles to achieve unique effects. For example, round dies produce images with rounded corners while flat dies create straight edges and hard shapes. For a deep embossed effect, bevelled dies are used to create tapering/sloping sides. And in in contrast to embossing, debossing creates a depressed imprint on a surface. It is another technique available to create visual interest. The process is the same, except for the positioning of the dies.

Here at Larkin Industries we can utilize any of these techniques to create a completely custom look for your printed materials. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we can work to make it happen. We also offer a variety of other print finishing techniques to choose from.

Whether are looking to enhance your direct mail pieces, certificates, invitations or anything else, you will be impressed by the way embossing can transform them into something truly unforgettable.

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