While shrink wrapping may be the final step in the print finishing process, it is a good idea to decide ahead of time whether it’s something you want for your project. As print finishing professionals providing shrink wrapping for Milwaukee and the surrounding areas we would like to tell you more about it as well as why you should consider it for your next print finishing order.Shrink Wrapping Milwaukee

About Shrink Wrapping

Shrinkwrap is a polymer plastic film that shrinks when heat is applied to it and is a widely used packaging option. As it shrinks, the film conforms to the shape of the item being packaged, totally enclosing it and securing it tightly. Shrink-wrap is thin but durable.

Shrinkwrapping is one of the most popular forms of packaging for multi-packs found in major retailers, healthcare facilities, human resource departments, and more. Using an automated sealer, the package travels by a conveyor system, through an electric heat tunnel, and is then removed for final packing.

Sometimes referred to as shrink film, shrink-wrap is used extensively in the commercial printing industry to package printed matter. Many printed pieces are shrink-wrapped in bundles but some projects require each item to be shrink-wrapped individually.Shrink Wrapping Products

Why Consider It

There are many reasons to consider shrink wrapping for your next print finishing project. Some of these reasons include:

  • Creates convenient, easy-to-handle packs. Shrink-wrapped bundles are much easier to handle, store, and distribute
  • Reduces the chances of scuffs and crushed corners. Shrink wrapping restricts the movement of the pieces and prevents them from rubbing against each other during transit or shifting around within the shipping carton.
  • Protects from harmful contaminants. The plastic film totally encases the printing to help shield it from dirt, dust, moisture, and other detrimental substances.
  • Makes items simpler to count. Printed pieces can be bundled in pre-set packs.
  • Allows for product identification. Since shrink-wrap is completely transparent, it provides a clear view of the printed items enclosed.
  • And more.

Ready to get started? Still not sure if shrink wrapping is right for your upcoming project? For more information on shrink wrapping for your Milwaukee area business or about any of our other print finishing capabilities, call Larkin Industries at 651-645-6000, or you can contact us.