The popularity of hot stamping continues to grow in popularity. And although hot stamping has been around since the late 1890s, it continues to offer many new hot benefits to modern day marketing. And while the process has changed some due to advancements in technology, it is still a favorite method of adding color and definition to a variety of materials and products. In fact, it is a special favorite application for business in the security printing fields because it is much more difficult to forge a document where hot stamping has been applied. As experts in hot stamping for St Paul and the surrounding areas, we thought we would provide a rundown of hot stamping, its many uses and incredible benefits.

hot stamping

Decorative and functional, hot stamping transfer foils are available in a wide variety of patterns; including marble and wood-grain patterns. They also come in bold solid colors, bright metallics, including red, gold and silver and even trendy holographic. Better yet, you can opt for hot stamping to be in gloss, satin or a matte finish, so you can design foils that match not just your company’s logo but your colors. Hot stamp foils can be used to enhance and decorate products in a broad range of industries and in numerous printing applications, including picture frames, envelopes, packaging products, plastic products, promotional items and more – the list is limited only by your imagination!

Hot stamping also works well for anti-counterfeiting purposes. Because the hot stamping process involves a series of extremely thin layers that are hot pressed together, any attempt to separate those layers is very noticeable, making it easy to identify when a label or product has been tampered with. This is why so many checks, credit cards and other sensitive documents have holographic foil images applied.

So, whether you are looking for the perfect way to protect your business, get your reader’s attention, or are simply looking for a fun way to personalize a product, talk to the professionals at Larkin Industries to learn how we can help with all of your hot stamping needs. No matter what it is, you are looking for, we are sure to be able to help you create just the right design. We also have our ISO 9001:2008 certification, so that means all of the work we do undergoes very strict quality control processes.

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