Kiss cutting is a type of die cutting and a popular print finishing technique that can be used for a variety of functions, creating unique and meticulous adhesive designs. We thought we would take the time to discuss it since we offer die cutting near St Cloud, so here is a basic definition of kiss cutting as well as its different processes.

Kiss Cutting

Kiss cutting is a form of die cutting where a very light impression cuts through the top layer, not through the backing material. It is commonly used for stickers, adhesive labels and similar applications and can be done on a variety of materials like adhesive-backed foils, papers, vinyl and more. This type of die cutting process gets its name from the knife or the steel rule die that cuts through the top material, but only ‘kisses’ the backing paper without cutting it. The two most popular and the two different methods of kiss cutting that are offered by Larkin Industries include:

Steel Rule – A crush cut technology in which the material is placed against a cookie cutter like tool and the two are pressed with much force between two parallel plates until the material is cut.

Thermal – Thermal dies are used to kiss cut graphic marking vinyl in this type of die cutting. And because thermal dies are priced by weight or square inches of material, very intricate patterns may be produced at very affordable prices.

From basic rectangular to intricate designs, kiss cuts can be tailor made to your unique stipulations and to match your business’ needs. The stickers can be peeled out of their backing material and placed on packaging etc. Or, you can use it to create free samples of return address stickers for your customers. The kiss cutting possibilities are endless!

This particular print finishing process requires meticulous attention to detail. And, this is only one type of die cutting! For all of our custom dies, we have to make sure the die is just right and is exactly what you are looking for. And we want to be sure that we cut the material and it results in the least amount of waste possible. The dies we use can range in size as well, from smaller pieces to much larger ones. No matter your die cutting or kiss cutting needs, Larkin Industries can handle it.

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