Hot stamping foil has been around since the late 1890s; and while the process has changed some due to advancements in technology, it is still a favorite method of adding color and definition to a variety of materials and products. In fact, it is a special favorite application for business in the security printing fields because it is much more difficult to forge a document where hot stamping has been applied.

Hot Stamping St Cloud

How is Hot Stamping Accomplished?
Hot stamping is a multi-step process accomplished by using a hot stamping machine to apply a die to the foil and then transfer that image into the surface of a product. It is a process that is non-polluting as the materials used are dry and the result is garnered through transference.

Because the hot stamping process involves a series of extremely thin layers that are hot pressed together, any attempt to separate those layers is very noticeable, making it easy to identify when a label or product has been tampered with. This is why so many checks, credit cards and other sensitive documents have holographic foil images applied.

It is typically used with metallic foil, holographic or pigment foils and can be in a wide range of colors. Better yet, you can opt for hot stamping to be in gloss, satin or a matte finish, so you can design foils that match not just your company’s logo but your color(s), too.

How Can Hot Stamping Be Used in Your St Cloud Business?
Hot stamping is a great way to give your printed business material that extra bit of eye candy. In fact, it can be used not only on paper products, but also on automotive components, cell phone covers, pencils, pens, cartons, bottle labels, bankcards, textiles, books, furniture, televisions, and even household appliances.

Because there are so many colors available, the higher security and the numerous projects that hot stamping can be used with, it is quite popular for many businesses in the St Cloud, Minnesota, area and beyond. So, whether you are looking for the perfect way to get your reader’s attention for your New Year’s Sale, need a fun way to personalize a product or want just that little bit of glimmer on your next party invitation, talk to the pros at Larkin Industries to learn how we can help. No matter what it is, you are looking for, we are sure to be able to help you create just the right design.

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