Blanking Machine for Die Cutting

Larkin Industries is pleased to announce the addition of two new “blanking” machines to their production line. This equipment is used in the die-cutting process to remove the waste material cut from the sheet, commonly referred to as “stripping.” It significantly reduces production time by increasing press speeds and eliminating the manual work previously required. Projects can now be delivered even faster.

The new blanking units have a maximum sheet size of 42.5” by 30.5” with a pile height of up to 4.5.” The robotic arm can process up to 25 cycles per minute. In addition to increased speed, the utilization of these machines also benefits Larkin’s employees by reducing time pressure and the risk of repetitive motion injuries.

This acquisition is another example of Larkin’s mission statement commitment: “To provide innovative processes and technology.” Larkin continuously strives to exceed customers’ expectations in quality, service and production.

For more information on our new blanking machines or any of our print finishing equipment at Larkin, feel free to give us a call at 651-645-6000 or contact us.