A print finishing technique in high demand these days is die cutting. What is die cutting you ask? Larkin Industries, die cutting servicers to Chicago area businesses would like to share the basics on all things die cutting, what die cuts are and can be used for, and so on.

Through the usage of die, shapes are essentially cut into card stock, paper and other items (leather, foam, vinyl, plastic and more). The shapes yielded from a die cut can be customized to meet your specific requirements or come in a standardized, pre-designed form.

We can also use die cutting to cut windows into the inside of a sheet.

Some items are used a lot more than others in the realms of die cutting. Pocket folders, peel-off labels and stickers, DVD sleeves, gift card holders, key holders, product cartons and so very much more—you name it, it can go through a die cutting! This design and fancy technique will spice up your existing product line or direct mail marketing piece. Die cutting is often implemented to enhance wedding invitations, greeting cards and items in that family.

Many of our existing clients seek to use die cutting in combination with other some of our other print finishing techniques, such as folding and gluing, scoring, perforation and more. You may not know what print finishing service will enhance the look of that which you are trying to create. We will gladly take your call, field any of your questions and help guide you towards your ultimate choice. We will assist and guide you through the entire die cutting (or other print finishing) process.

Another way die cutting has been implemented in the marketplace is on business cards. The edges of your business cards can be rounded (making them unique, eye-catching). The shapes created through a die cut can be detailed and rather intricate. The lone limitation of die cutting is that it yields only flat pieces, once complete.

Die cutting is a print finishing process that calls for very high attention to detail. When it comes to custom dies, choosing the right one is essential. We want to be sure that the cut produces as little waste as is possible.

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