The business world is always looking for better ways to be noticed. Some strive for recognition through electronic media, some through being a paperless environment and others through doing the unexpected in promotion or customer service. But one approach that should not be overlooked is the value of print media.

Print Advertising

As a company providing print finishing for Rochester, we know the value of print. In a world where, for whatever reason, so many are moving away from print media for advertising, there are many reasons to design and circulate a printed publication rather than relying solely on electronic ones. These reasons are as follows:

  1. Print media allows you to target a particular group of people. You can do a direct mailing based on their common interests, profession, region, or any other criteria.
  2. If you are looking for ways to grow your Rochester business without doing significant adjustments to your advertising budget, then print advertising lets you get your message out to those in the area rather than sending out information to cities all over the state. Consequently, you will spend much less on advertising.
  3. People tend to surf the Web for much shorter periods of time. In fact, most people spend less than five minutes perusing a website – unless that website has done an exceptional job of capturing their attention! However, the person who has subscribed to a magazine or received an advertisement or printed item in the mail will spend more time looking at it and be caught up in the text. In fact, advertising campaigns combining printed direct mail collateral with internet advertising achieve up to a 25% higher response rate than an internet-only campaign.
  4. People tend to remember what they see better than what they hear. By having great looking printed media for clients and potential clients, they are more likely to recall what you have and contact you when they need a particular product or service.
  5. Internet ads will come and go, but a printed ad – be it in a magazine, on a bulletin board, as part of an information packets, etc. will be around for much longer. In fact, even if the original recipient does not retain the printed info, there is good likelihood that someone else in the Rochester area will still see what you have to say.
  6. Many people in the US use ad blocking software on the devices, which means that many won’t even see your media. However, print media ads can be placed directly in the consumer’s hands.
  7. Because the average consumer is leery of following sales links online due to fear of viruses, most will not click on a link they know nothing about. When you send print media directly to them, they can avoid the perceived threat of clicking on a link.
  8. Printed media – especially ads – performs better than electronic media, and help to lend credibility and awareness of your brand.

These are but a few reasons that businesses all around Rochester are opting for print media and finishing. If you have questions about how printed materials can benefit you, give us a call today at 651-645-6000. You can also Request a Quote if you are ready for print finishing of your promotional piece.