customized pocket folders st paul larkin industriesThere are plenty of great reasons you should look into customized pocket folders for your St Paul business. They are a great way to advertise your business and your products and services! Here are a few other reasons you should look into having customized pocket folders printed.

For advertising purposes

What better way to advertise your business than by handing out customized pocket folders? You can put brochures and other information into the folder’s pockets, as well as business cards that have your contact information on them. That way, if a customer is interested in your products or services, all of the information they need about you is right there in front of them to refer back to.

For new employee information

If you just hired a new employee and have a packet of information to give them, like an employee handbook and other important documents, a customized pocket folder can help them keep all of this information in one place. You can also include “welcome to the team” items like magnets, business cards, FAQ sheets and more.

For presentations

Are you about to give a business presentation? If so, you might want to hand out materials to your audience. Customized pocket folders are a great way to make sure everyone gets those materials. Again, you can put brochures, business cards and other items into these folders, which makes it easier for everyone to keep track of the materials you provided.

For conferences

Along the same lines as presentations, these customized pocket folders will prove invaluable at your next business conference. You can easily hand them out to potential business partners, investors and clients. You can include everything that person would want to or need to know about your business and what products and services you provide.

The best part about customized pocket folders is you can have your company’s logo printed on them if you want. So you get your company’s name and brand out there a bit more than it would have been otherwise, which could help improve your business’ bottom line.

These are just a handful of reasons people choose to have customized pocket folders made. Call us and we can tell you even more about them and their many uses.

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