You’ve likely seen die cutting in action. If you’ve received a promotional print item with a cutout window then you’ve seen die cutting in action. But there are many different applications when it comes to die cutting, each with the ability to enhance a different area of a printed material. Here at Larkin Industries we are the experts in die cutting for Duluth and the surrounding areas and can offer many different and unique applications to enhance your print marketing. Here’s how:

Die Cutting DuluthDie cutting involves different specialized machine tools used to transform the material by shearing, cutting, forming, and customizing to an array of shapes and sizes. Apart from being customizable, it is also a versatile application process, suitable for a range of materials. The custom-designed dies are attached to a specialized tool and die cutting machine to give shape to the excellent designs out of the stock material.

Some designers may mistakenly feel constricted to the standard template of die cutting and fail to take advantage of the limitless potential of custom die cutting. But, there are in fact many unique ways to use die cutting to your advantage, including:

  • Image highlighting. Eliminate unnecessary white space with die cutting. This can help highlight pictures and designs more effectively. By using die cutting you can help draw focus to the most dominant visual elements for a big impact.
  • Logo enhancement. Die cutting can make your logo the focal point. Use die cutting on business cards, mailers etc., to emphasize and reinforce your logo and show its unique shape and bring it forward so that the audience immediately recognizes it.
  • Tactile experience. Die cutting encourages a tactile experience meaning the customer can actually feel your logo etc. This can promote a stronger sensory connection to your brand. A die cut business card will feel different in the customer’s hand, making them more likely to hang onto it because it feels more special than the rest.
  • Interactive design. Die cutting is a great way to make your marketing interactive. For example. Make windows on the cover of a direct mailer to give a sneak peak of what’s inside. Or, create a die cut on a business card to allow light through.

And these are just some of the great, distinctive applications for die cutting. Are you interested in learning more about die cutting for your Duluth business? Call Larkin Industries at 651-645-6000, or you can contact us to get a Free Quote.