Looking to add a new finishing touch to your printing project? Shrink Wrapping for Minneapolis is one of our specialties here at Larkin Industries. We believe it to be one of the best methods of document protection and document presentation out there. As the trusted name in shrink wrapping and all print finishing, our experts at Larkin Industries have provided some of their favorite shrink wrapping benefits and some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers about the process.

Q: What is shrink wrapping?

A: There are many different uses and types of shrink wrapping, but basically it is the enclosing of an item in a transparent plastic film. Shrink wrapping uses two things, plastic film and heat. The actual shrink wrapping process is done by wrapping an item or document with the plastic film first and then adding heat. The heat helps the plastic film to shrink and to tightly seal the product.

Q: Is it safe for my product?

A: Of course! When properly applied by the professionals at Larkin Industries, shrink wrapping will not harm your document or item. We always strive to stay current on the best practices for all of our services and to be proactive when it comes to improving our quality control measures. Each member of our team of experts is fully trained in the best and most efficient ways to shrink wrap your ever-important items.

Q: What are the major benefits of shrink wrapping?
A: Not only does shrink wrapping save money and storage space, it can also serve as tamper protection. How? By encasing your document or product in the transparent plastic film you will be able to tell if anyone has tried to alter or interfere with it. Some additional benefits include:
• It’s great for archival storage of papers
• Protects products during handling
• Protects from dust humidity and dirt
• Added organization
• Holds product in place
• Superior durability
• A more appealing and eye-catching product

As you can see there are quite a few benefits to shrink wrapping your finished print project. Are you interested in learning more about shrink wrapping services in the Minneapolis area? Call Larkin Industries today at 651-645-6000, or contact us for a Free Quote.