MCS Falcon Equipment Capabilities

Matching and Inkjet Imaging

General Capabilities:

  • Match two different bar coded pieces
  • In-line perfing, scoring, and folding
  • Affix matched or unmatched items to a backer/carrier
  • Traditional inkjet addressing
  • Print static (identical) inkjet codes and/or messages
  • Print variable (customized) inkjet codes and messages to match the companion piece
  • All matching items require a printed human readable barcode on BOTH pieces.

The multiple operations listed above can all be done in-line, one pass.

Specs are the same as the current stock sizes and capabilities. Irregular shapes are subject to pre approval.

Inkjet Printing

There are 4 inkjet heads available. The image area is 6 inches wide by 2 inches wide per head.

  • All four heads can operate simultaneously.
  • Any combination of up to 4 addresses, codes, messages, etc. can be printed on the same piece, subject to size and placement (fit)
  • Static and variable messages can be combined on the same piece. Static copy can be keyed directly into the equipment.
  • There are various fonts and font sizes to choose from. The choice may be keyed directly into the equipment and does not have to be contained in the data file.
  • Each head can print a different color ink.
  • The inkjet printing must be kept at least 1/4″ from the outside edges of the piece.
  • Large font sizes may reduce the number of lines that will fit the image area.
  • All inkjet printing must appear on the same side of a FLAT piece. It can appear on both sides of a FOLDED piece.
  • Inkjet printing can be placed on the backer/carrier, the matching piece or both.
  • If the piece is pre-addressed it requires a readable human readable barcode to determine which message if variable is used. Plus a human readable to verify.
  • If a SINGLE piece (no companion) will be inkjet addressed by Larkin and requires a variable matching message, the address file needs to indicate the correct message for each addressee OR contain unique human readable barcodes for each addressee or group of addresses. (The barcode must then be printed on each piece and subsequently read in order to select the correct data to print using another inkjet head.)
  • If a piece addressed by Larkin will subsequently be matched with a companion piece, it will always require a two D human readable barcode.
  • The customer must provide a sample, layout or template showing the position of each message.

Match and Marry (No inkjet printing required)

  • Two separate pieces can be read and matched. Read and match two separate items.
  • Both items must have a human readable barcode containing the information required for the match.
  • The second item can be affixed to a carrier.
  • Barcodes can be read top or bottom.
  • Both items must arrive in the correct sequence for matching. Our equipment reads and verifies the match.

Match and Print or Print and Match

  • A carrier/backer or an affixed card printed with a static or variable message prior to having the second item affixed. A human readable barcode is required for variable inkjet printing.
  • After a card is affixed, the card and/or carrier can still be printed on the face-up side. If it will subsequently fold (mailers only) it can also be addressed or inkjet printed on the reverse side when folded.
  • Two pieces may be matched using pre-printed human readable barcodes and still have variable or static inkjet printing added after the item is affixed.

File Requirements

  • Files must come precleaned with a template.
  • Files must come in a CSV format.