Folding and Gluing

Folding and gluing is the process used to convert a flat sheet into a finished product. Most of these items are designed to hold inserts or similar materials. Pocket folders and small packages for retail products are good examples. The process is usually a combined in-line function.

Please see the Resources page for Larkin’s pocket folder layouts, pocket dimensions and styles, and gusset sizes.

Products and Capabilities

  • Numerous pocket folder styles (Layouts available)
  • Gusseted folders (Automated production)
  • CD and DVD sleeves and jackets
  • Key and gift card holders
  • Cardboard shipping envelopes and packages (Zip-strips and strip taping available)
  • Auto-bottom, side seam and other product cartons
  • Custom designed mailing packages (Some inserts can be dropped into the package and sealed inside)

Most folded and glued items are produced from die cut sheets.