Are you looking for better ways to advertise your small business? Your business’ promotional print is how you speak directly with your customers. Make sure it’s saying as much as it can. Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you need to have a small voice. Not sure where to begin? We are here to help. We are the trusted name in promotional print for St Paul and the surrounding areas and we look forward to telling you more about promotional print and how it can help promote your small business.promotional print st paul

First of all; why print? Promotional print has something that digital promotions simply cannot replicate: the experience. When reading or handling print media, the person can touch it and feel it. They can also sense in a book how far along they are and how many pages they have left to read. It’s these small things that make print stand out.

Print finishing allows you to create an experience for your customer or potential customer. Companies and businesses of all shapes and sizes benefit greatly from promotional print. While they can brand themselves both with digital and print media, there can be more opportunities to be creative with print. Using techniques like embossing or foil stamping can really help a promotional print piece stand out and give people a feeling of connection with the brand.

Just like every business needs a logo or colors that represent their brand, they can also use promotional print to leave an impression. Print finishing offers a variety of techniques to help promote your business and take your print marketing to the next level. Maybe you’ve decided to use a specific type or weight of paper or a glossy or matte finish. Perhaps you like the look of die-cutting or maybe embossing fits your brand, whatever you choose it will really make your print piece tactile. The possibilities are endless when it comes to promotional print.

Once you decide on the best print finishing technique for your business, you can use it for all your promotional print materials for a truly branded look.

Ready to get started? To get some more information about promotional print for your St Paul area business, give Larkin a call at 651-645-6000 or Request a Quote.