Print Finishing Resources

Take a look at the resources we have available. You can find more information about specs, print finishing guidelines, foil and embossing die styles, layouts and more.

If you are looking for information on how to schedule an educational tour for students and industry groups, call us at 651-645-6000 for details on how to set that up, or you can contact us.

print finishing reference guide twin cities

Print Finishing Services Reference Guide

Provides useful production tips for your print finishing or manufacturing project.

Will also assist in providing accurate specifications.

Click here to view our reference guide.

foil & embossing die styles chart twin cities

Foil and Embossing Die Styles Chart

This chart demonstrates a variety of foils and several different foil stamping techniques. It also illustrates single, multi-level and sculpture embossed images along with a depth and bevel guide to help you get exactly what you want.

Please call or contact us to request a chart.

custom CAD and product designs twin cities

Product Design and Custom Samples

Larkin can help you design products that will meet your special needs. Our CAD services can turn your concept into reality with custom layouts and assembled samples.

Please call or contact us for details.

standard pocket folder layouts twin cities

Standard Pocket Folder Layouts

Larkin provides templates for many types of standard pocket folders. Standing dies are used to save you the cost of new dies.

Click here to view layouts and download PDFs.

specifications checklist for printing and production twin cities

Specifications Checklist

Need help determining the specifications required for accurate quotations and production? Our specifications checklist will assist you and includes specific information for various products and production processes.

Please click here to view or download our specifications checklist.

educational tours at larkin industries twin cities

Educational Tours

Larkin periodically hosts educational tours for graphic arts students and industry groups. They can observe and learn the production process from start to finish.

Please call or contact us for details.