Print can get a bad rap. There are many misunderstandings about the impact of paper on the environment.  “Going paperless” does not necessary equal “going green.” Internet and digital media companies like to suggest that manufacturing paper for printing contributes to the destruction of forests. But, there are many facts you should consider before rushing to this conclusion. As a company providing print finishing for Duluth and a certified “Great Printer,” we not only understand the value of print but also do our best to stay on top of best practices in order to minimize our environmental impact. We would like to provide you with a few facts about paper and let you know about the steps we take as a print finishing company.


  • According to the Earth Observatory, trees from tropical forests are not specifically harvested for paper and of all the trees cut from the world’s forests, 53% is used for fuel, 28% is used for lumber and only 11% is used for the paper industry.
  • Americans recycle! According to the American Forest & Paper Association, 66.8% of paper consumed in the United States in 2011 was recovered for recycling.
  • Privately owned forests supply over 90% of the wood harvested in the United States for the construction of homes and in manufacturing furniture, paper and other products. And, according to International Paper, private landowners in the U.S. plant about 4 million trees every day for growth that exceeds harvest by 37%
  • At Larkin Industries, we are a certified “Greater Printer” as part of Printing Industry Midwest’s Environmental Initiative. This requires a comprehensive audit of the company’s environmental practices as well as health and safety compliance measures.
  • Our environmental commitment includes extensive material recycling, proper chemical disposal as well as an emphasis on energy efficiency and resource conservation. We not only implement an automated electricity reduction program but metered water use as well.
  • As a business it is important to offer what your customer wants. And, did you know that 64% of people say they wouldn’t choose a company that didn’t offer a paper bill option?

There are so many reasons to choose print finishing for your business. Don’t believe the anti-paper hype! Print is actually much greener than you might think. Paper is recyclable, renewable and sustainable. So spread the word! And, if you would like more information about our environmentally-friendly print finishing in Duluth, give us a call today at 651-645-6000 or Request a Quote.