Embossing is the process of creating a raised image by applying pressure to the substrate. For example, many official seals are embossed. And, you’ve likely seen embossing on greeting cards as well as high end wedding invitations. But did you realize the numbers on a credit card are another type of embossing? That’s right! Embossing can be applied to plastic as well. Embossing can be used for sample or faux credit cards, reward cards, plastic folders and a variety of other plastic applications. This application of embossing lends authenticity and eye-catching intrigue to the material at hand. As experts in print finishing and embossing for Omaha and the surrounding areas, we’d like to tell you more about it and all it can do for you and your marketing.


Embossing can create single level, multi-level or sculptured images. The desired image depth and amount of bevel can vary and should be appropriate for the selected paper or plastic. Looking to make sample credit or member cards? Raised embossed lettering, such as names and numbers can be added to the plastic cards you have printed. Embossing plastic is the process of applying characters to a card. The characters are stamped into the back side of the card, and are visible on the front side as raised characters.

Whether you’re looking to create sample credit cards, direct mailers or even business cards, embossing offers beautiful personalization. And, in terms of personalization, embossing is perhaps the best way to do so. Another great benefit of embossing is that it can help ensure that your cards are reliable, so any information on there won’t be in danger of rubbing off.

Embossing is more than just a visual enhancement! Embossing elements on your marketing materials can literally and figuratively add a new dimension to your message. In some cases, embossing solely is there to enhance a consumer’s sense of touch. With embossing, the possibilities are many! There are so many different print applications that can benefit from embossing, including direct mail, certificates, business cards, sample cards, stationery and much more!

If you are looking to lend a personalized and unique approach to your marketing materials then embossing is one technique which can be used across the board, even on plastic applications.

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