Larkin Industries is pleased to announce the installation of a new shrink wrap system at our facility. The Star Evolution continuous sealing packaging machine will produce up to 45 packages per minute. The system also includes a batch counter with number verification to ensure every package count is accurate and in the correct order.

The Star Evolution is the first canterlevel side sealing wrapper. It is excellent for packaging and total closure of various types of products with heat shrinking or other film, center-folded or flat film. It can work with various sizes of materials using a fixed, intermittent or box motion bar. The machine can create pack sizes as small as 2” by 3” and go up to 14” wide by 4” high with infinite length. For small products it has a retractable nose.

Shrink WrapperSome features of the Star Evolution:

  • It covers a vast range of product packaging, including cosmetics, pharmaceutical, plastic and more.
  • It is suitable for single packaging or multi-packed products which can be manually or automatically loaded.
  • Provides huge savings in film and energy since it can produce tight packs.
  • Accessible structure that allows work from both sides and three-position operator station.
  • Excellent design for maintenance and cleaning.

We are very excited to have this new piece of equipment at Larkin. It’s another more streamlined and efficient service we can offer our clients.

For more information on this shrink wrapping machine or our other print finishing capabilities, call Larkin Industries at 651-645-6000, or you can contact us.