Running a business is tough these days. Marketing your business can be even tougher. Marketing to your target audience has gotten much more difficult these days. People are becoming more aware of social media, e-mail marketing, SEO, and the like, allowing them to establish their brand identity with efficiency.print finishing omaha

However, there is an increased need for first-hand, tactile interactions with many consumers going online for many of their needs. While it has produced some of the most successful small businesses, such tactics have also diluted the market with the same tactics that prevent businesses from completely standing out. A more intimate, direct-mail experience can help your brand stand out from the online crowd.

In addition to a strong and trustworthy online identity, it is encouraged that businesses mix up their campaigns using print marketing. These should supplement your online marketing with media and tools that you can mail out, hand out and give to your potential customers for that personal touch. As experts in print marketing for St Paul and the surrounding areas, we have put together some great options in print marketing you can be utilizing for your business.
Your main focus is on getting people’s attention in order to get them to take action. One of the best ways to do this is with die-cutting. Since die cutting is used to cut different shapes within the interior of the sheet, allowing a color or design beneath to show through, die cutting lends a 3D effect to the item.

Using die-cutting print finishing techniques to create designs helps get the attention of your consumers by making your print marketing not only recognizable by sight, but also by touch. It is also not the most common marketing technique and creates a reason to be remembered.

Foil stamping is another great way to provide the ultimate in decorative appeal. And, foil stamping is not limited to gold and silver foils, but extends to an impressive range of pigmented, holographic and even security foils as well. This creates an eye-catching, shiny effect.

Foil stamping can be combined with embossed images or text to produce an immersive experience that will enhance the printed message and provide shelf appeal for greetings cards, brochures and more.
Sometimes referred to as onserting, affixing is the automated gluing of items to direct mail pieces, covers, packages, backers, signatures and other carriers. You can draw attention to your print marketing by affixing free samples, static plastic or cardboard credit cards and more.

These are just some of the ways you can enhance your print marketing! For more information about print marketing techniques for your St Paul business, call Larkin Industries at 651-645-6000, or you can Contact Us.