Digital marketing is now becoming essential to every marketing budget, but that doesn’t mean traditional print is on its way out. Print is thriving and won’t ever die out for several key reasons. For smart, savvy companies, the key is to find opportunities that merge print finishing techniques and digital marketing for a cohesive brand experience. As a company providing print finishing for Chicago and a certified “Great Printer,” we not only understand the value of print but also do our best to stay on top of best practices in order to minimize our environmental impact. We also understand how print finishing can complement digital marketing in a beautiful, seamless and cohesive way. That’s why we’d like to tell you more about print and print finishing and how it can work to help promote your business.

Print Advertising

Combining Print & Digital

Did you know that in 2015 more than 10.6 million print catalogs were mailed and over 2 billion coupons were redeemed? It’s true! Direct mail continues to serve as a key driver in most marketing plans. These printed direct mail and coupons often direct customers online where they can learn more about the product and even purchase. This strategy prompts print and digital to work hand-in-hand.

By adding QR codes and personalized URLs to your print, you can even learn more about your customer and who’s interacting with your direct mail. This strategy allows you to bridge the gap between offline and online by encouraging offline customers to visit your website.

The customers of today interact with a number of mediums each day. And, your goal, should be to have them encounter your brand as many times as possible. Some of these interactions will be online and others will be through print. And print finishing can help you achieve this goal.

Environmental Concerns

There are many misunderstandings when its comes to the impact of print and paper on the environment. “Going paperless” does not necessary equal “going green.” Internet and digital media companies like to suggest that manufacturing paper for printing contributes to the destruction of forests. But, there are many facts you should consider first. For example, did you know that contrary to commonly-held belief, paper mills are not cutting down old-growth forests in order to make paper? One-third comes from wood chips and sawmill scraps, one-third comes from recycled paper and just one-third comes from tree farms. The idea that print and even print finishing is detrimental to the environment is factually wrong.

So, no more excuses! Reinvigorate your print and direct mail marketing today with effective print finishing techniques for your business. And, if you would like more information about our environmentally-friendly print finishing for Chicago, give us a call today at 651-645-6000 or Request a Quote.