Automatic Labeler

Larkin Industries is excited to announce that we have added an automatic labeler with our shrink wrapping system. The labeler allows us to seamlessly label packages coming off our shrink wrapping line. Time is saved since labels no longer need to be manually added.

The Weber labeler added to our line is a tamp-blow label applicator. This is a contactless labeling technique, in which a vacuum is created in the tamp. It sucks and holds the printed label (with adhesive side down) under the tamp pad until it is ready to be applied onto the product.

Once the shrink-wrapped product is ready to be labeled, the tamp moves down, the vacuum in the tamp is switched off and an overpressure is created instead. The overpressure “shoots” the label in the exact position onto the product without the tamp touching it. If the product’s surface and the label’s adhesive are matched correctly, no additional action (such as pressing on) is required for the label to stick properly. It is also able to adjust to different heights of packages.

Shrink Wrapping Line

Our system can print and apply labels, or it can apply labels already created. The labels can be as large as 4” by 6” and as small as 1” by 3.” The labels are typically printed with a description and a barcode, allowing for easier processing and organization as the printed and shrink-wrapped products are shipped to the client and later distributed.

Larkin is excited for this new labeler. It makes the finishing process faster and easier. Once the printed products are ready, they go through a multi-feeder, which automatically batch counts. These grouped items then go through the shrink wrapper and are finally labeled for distribution. It’s one continuous line, making for a seamless and quick process. This allows us to get the printed products to you faster and with less cost. We continuously look for ways to cut down on the time needed to get your finished products to you.

For more information on shrink wrapping in St Paul, our new labeler or any of our print finishing processes, call Larkin Industries at 651-645-6000 or contact us.