Are you a Chicago area business looking for a better way to get the word out about your product or services? Are you looking for a trusted name in print finishing to handle the addressing of your direct mail marketing? You have come to the right place. Here at Larkin Industries we provide inkjet addressing for Chicago and the surrounding areas and can help you with all of your upcoming projects.

Inkjet Addressing Chicago

What is inkjet addressing?

Inkjet addressing is the process by which addresses are printed onto a mail piece by an inkjet printer. Inkjet printing sprays ink directly onto a piece as opposed to laser or offset printing. Typically mail pieces are offset printed or digitally printed and then the address is inkjet printed onto the piece. Simply provide a sample, layout or template showing the position of each message, and we can get to work.

What can be done with inkjet addressing?

In addition to printing addresses, some clients even elect to print variable data like salutations or codes as well. Inkjet printing is most commonly used for printing small pieces of variable data like addresses, taglines or salutations. The print quality is not as good as laser printing however inkjet printing is perfect for small variable data that needs to be added directly to a piece.

We can even provide inkjet addressing combined with card affixing. After a card is affixed, the card and/or carrier can still be printed on the face-up side. If it will subsequently fold (mailers only) it can also be addressed or inkjet printed on the reverse side when folded.

What are the benefits of inkjet addressing?

Inkjet printing looks more professional than applying labels and is also more cost effective. Another advantage of inkjet addressing is that finished pieces can have addresses inkjet printed directly onto them this saving time and man-power. For instance a booklet, self-mailer, or glossy postcard can have the address inkjet printed directly onto the finished piece even after it has been folded, closed or coated etc.

Inkjet addressing also allows for high speed printing at low prices.

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