Is your brand’s packaging saying what you’d like it to about your business? If you’re looking to update or even revolutionize your image, a great place to start is the packaging. It’s what most consumers see of your brand; it’s what they notice in the mail or the store and it’s what they take home. While there are several packaging methods, folding and gluing is one of the most preferred and environmentally friendly manners today. In this method, printed paperboard is cut into suitable sizes and shapes, creased, folded and glued.

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There are always new emerging trends to stay on top of in the world of print finishing and here at Larkin Industries, we offer top-of-the-line folding and gluing for Omaha and the surrounding areas. Allow us to tell you more about how this process can help revolutionize your packaging!

‘Packaging’ refers to the general enclosure of products for their protection, storage, distribution, sale and use. But it’s so much more than that! Packaging can let customers know what your brand is all about. Here are some ways folding and gluing can do just that:

Provide a standard of luxury. If you are selling a higher-end product or service, luxury designs and finishing effects can help tell your customers about the nature of your product. Packaging with soft-touch coating, matte finish, embossing and foil stamping can give consumers an impression of luxury and higher standards when they see your product.

Go green. Over the last several years, many brands are replacing their old plastic packaging with more eco-friendly and renewable folding cartons.

Design in the Details. Paperboard folding and gluing as opposed to plastic offers more opportunity for creating. There are endless possibilities for unique cuts in the popular world of folding and gluing. Go for a more personalized experience with this versatile way to attract potential customers. There are numerous pocket folder styles, custom-designed mailing packages and so much more!

“Tipping” or onserting is another great service to be used in conjunction with folding and gluing. It is the automated gluing of items to direct mail pieces, covers, packages, backers, signatures and other carriers. You can have product samples, cardboard credit cards and more affixed to your promotional item.

These are just some of the ways folding and gluing can help update your packaging! Ready to get started? Let us know what you want to be done and we will find a way to make it happen! We have the technology and equipment to perform all of your print finishing efficiently and cost-effectively.

For more about folding and gluing for your Omaha area business, feel free to visit us for more information on what we can do to help your business. Call Larkin Industries at 651-645-6000, or you can Contact Us.