You are tired of the same old boring logo. It lacks color and needs to be brought into the modern age. Perhaps, it even needs a more updated design that fits your Duluth, MN, company’s new image. If this sounds like you, then now is a great time to consider foil stamping for all your company’s printed materials.

As one of the most popular and elegant ways to add that extra bit of interest in what you send out, foil stamping offers a variety of color choices so that you can match your materials to your Duluth company’s logo, image or whatever other criteria may be used. However, while there are many ways to use foil stamping, there are some basics rules to keep in mind when considering its use.

Foil Stamping

While foil stamping is applicable to most paper stocks, including magnetic paper, there are a few exceptions such as linen and other textured papers that can present a challenge to foil stamping. However, it is a budget friendly approach for spicing up business cards, brochures, presentation folders, note cards and so much more. Even better, research shows that by adding gold foil printing or other elements, recipients assume your material is of a higher value and quality.

Types of Foil
So, what type of foil stamping would work best for your Duluth company? Here are a few considerations.

  • Holographic Foils – This type of foil stamping can be used to transfer a holographic image onto your printed materials. It is perfect for making a “dramatic entrance” and capturing attention.
  • Special Effects – Do you work in construction? Perhaps you build custom countertops or flooring. If so, why not choose a special effects foil that resembles marble, woodgrain, leather or even pearl-like finishes.
  • Matte Foils – These look great when you are going for a subtle look of elegance.
  • Metallic foils – For shimmer and shine, metallic foils cannot be beat. Choose from a plethora of colors and get ready to grab the attention of all who see it.
  • Gloss Pigment Foils – Also available in a variety of colors, but without the shiny, metallic finish.

It should be noted that while foil stamping can be used on a long list of printed materials, there are a few scenarios that will not work – regardless of the printed medium. These include not being used over the score mark of a folded item and not trying to foil stamp with font weights that are smaller than 8 pt. or with very intricate lines. Otherwise, foil stamping is the ideal way to show off your style.

Foil stamping is one of the best, yet simplest tools available for being sure that people see and remember your message. Give us a call today at 651-645-6000 or Contact Us for more information on foil stamping near Duluth. We look forward to working with you.