You’ve likely heard of inserts, but what about onserts? An onsert is a separate piece of advertising like a product sample, coupon, magnet booklet or other piece of marketing affixed to your printed media. There are a variety of ways an onsert can benefit your Lacrosse area business and we are here to tell you all about them.

Onserting is the automated gluing of items to direct mail pieces, covers, packages, backers, signatures and other carriers. Since the affixed items are usually intended to be detached by the recipient, glue is often applied. An onsert can be a coupon, sample credit card, or a free product sample affixed to your promotional item to provide brand recognition, awareness, a sampling of your product and credibility. It’s a simple process that can speak volumes.twin cities affixing and tipping service

When someone receives your item, you want it to stand out amongst the pile of mail in their mailbox and an onsert can help do just that! By giving your customer something they perceive as an addition or bonus, it enhances your direct mail and makes it more appealing. You can provide a sample of your product to create a new customer or remind people of how great your product is. Or with a coupon, you can encourage people to come into your establishment for the very first time.

With a targeted direct mail campaign, including those with onserts, you will be able to speak specifically to groups of people you think will be interested in your product and whatever you are offering with your onsert.
With onserting, the possibilities are endless! The following is a list of items commonly affixed to various backers:

  • Coins, tokens, magnets and keys
  • Static plastic or cardboard credit cards
  • Lotion packs and other product samples
  • Multiple items
  • Faux cards
  • Magnetic security strips for retail products
  • Padded coupon or entry form pads
  • Gift, incentive and reward cards
  • Loose enclosures
  • And more

Whatever you want to onsert, Larkin Industries is here to help! At Larkin, we provide auto gluing of onsert items to direct mail, packages, backers, credit cards and other static items.

So, when are you ready to learn more about onserts and our onsert services in Lacrosse, give us a call at Larkin Industries by calling 651-645-6000 or contact us for a Free Quote.