Hot Stamping Minneapolis

Hot Stamping MinneapolisLarkin Industries specializes in hot stamping near Minneapolis, as well as several other print finishing techniques. We can help your direct mail pieces, invitations, business cards and similar items look their very best and stand out from the crowd.

Hot stamping is a technique that transfers pre-dried ink or foils to a surface at high temperatures. While it is mostly used on paper and plastic, it can be used on other materials as well.

We use a die in a hot stamping machine and place the material that is to be stamped beneath it. We will then insert a metalized or painted roll-leaf carrier between them and then the die will press down through it. The result is the dry paint or foil is impressed on the surface of the material or product.

One of the best parts of the hot stamping technique is that it is eco-friendly and will not pollute the environment.

Another great reason to look into hot stamping is the amount of detail it allows. You can get a striking product with hot stamping that will be sure to catch the eye of your intended audience.

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Professional Hot Stamping

Since 1976, Larkin Industries has been helping professionals like you with all of their print finishing needs. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, which means we are committed to providing the best possible quality control processes to ensure all of our customers get the best possible print finishing services from us.

We have won several awards, including recognition from the U.S. Business Administration. We have a certified waste reduction and recycling program as well.

Larkin Industries is a member of the Foil Stamping and Embossing Association, the International Association of Die Cutters and Die Makers, the Printing Industry Midwest, the St Paul – Midway Chamber of Commerce and more.

Give us a call so we can tell you more about hot stamping and the other print finishing services that we offer, like foil stamping, embossing, die cutting and more. We will answer your questions, address any concerns you might have and put you on our hot stamping and print finishing schedule as soon as possible.

Minneapolis Hot Stamping

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