One way Larkin is going to make this new year even better for its customers is by adding and upgrading equipment. By doing this we can help you produce your jobs in a more cost effective and timely manner.

Moll Perf-n-Crease
Moll Perf-N-Crease offers creasing, perfing and slitting in-line with folding, gluing and affixing of product up to 28″ wide. This means saving time and money by eliminating the die cut and score process on some jobs.
Moll Bottom Feed Friction Feeder
The Moll Bottom Friction means high capacity and high output on many different types of stock up to 33″ wide.

We are please to announce the purchase of our 7th bottom feeder line and of our 6th in line perf, score, slit unit. by adding the new equipment we are able to increase the production of our high capacity work to produce a quality product in a more timely manner.

One more great way Larkin Industries is always looking to better serve its customers.

For more information on Larkin Industries and its capabilities and services please visit our website at or call us at 651.645.6000.