Looking to give your business’ printed materials a little extra pop of creativity and intrigue? Have you considered die cutting for your Milwaukee area business? Die cutting can help your printed materials stand out from the crowd. And, it is extremely versatile, offering a wide variety of options to align with your unique brand, logo and design aesthetic.

Die cutting is a print finishing technique we offer here at Larkin Industries and it can be applied to business cards, folders, brochures, postcards and any other bit of print media your graphic designer can dream up. Some designers may mistakenly feel constricted to the standard template of die cutting and fail to take advantage of the limitless potential of custom die cutting. But, there are in fact many unique ways to use die cutting to your advantage. As a business owner, you want your mail-outs to get noticed, so here are some things to think about as you determine how die cutting can increase visibility and show off your creativity and gusto.

Die Cutting

Logo Enhancement

When you add die cutting to anything, it acts as a focal point, attracting the eye. So, why not attract the customer’s eye to your logo? Use die cutting on business cards and mailers to emphasize and reinforce your logo and show its unique shape and bring it forward so that the audience immediately recognizes it.

Die cutting also encourages a tactile experience meaning the customer can actually feel your logo. Thus, promoting a stronger sensory connection to your brand. A die cut business card will feel different in the customer’s hand, making them more likely to hang onto it because it feels more special than the rest.

If the logo is strong enough to print in a solid color and still retain its effectiveness, then it should easily translate to a successful die cut design. More complex logos may not work as well.

Image Highlighting

Want to make your unique product stand out? Die cutting makes it possible to eliminate unnecessary white space, helping you to highlight pictures and designs more effectively. By using die cutting you can help draw focus to the most dominant visual elements for a big impact.

With die cutting you can even create shapes of the actual product that you sell, such as a cookie-shaped business card for your baking company.

Interactive Design

Die cutting is the best way to make your marketing interactive. For example. Make windows on the cover of a direct mailer to give a sneak peak of what’s inside. Or, create a die cut on a business card to allow light through.

Whatever reason to choose die cutting for your print marketing, we are here to assist you find the right application for the design! For more information about die cutting in Milwaukee, give us a call today at 651-645-6000 or Request a Quote.