Folding and Gluing Omaha

Folding and Gluing promotional materials in Omaha

Looking for a way to enhance your brand’s image? Make sure your packaging and other promotional materials offer a positive image for your business. Fantastic finished products require fantastic print finishing and here at Larkin Industries, we offer just that. Print finishing provides a wide variety of services to help enhance your company’s materials to help promote your brand and help you stand out amongst the crowd. Folding and gluing is one such process. Folding and gluing converts a flat sheet into a finished product, such as an envelope, box or promotional item. There are so many great applications for folding and gluing, in fact, it can be performed on a wide range of materials including plastic, cardboard and paper.

Larkin Industries specializes in folding and gluing for Omaha area businesses and we are here to assist your business as well. By using this process, we can help you create pocket folders, CD/DVD sleeves, gift card holders, shipping envelopes and small packages to hold retail products. There are so many ways you can use folding and gluing to enhance your products and we are here to help in any way we can.

We have been helping professionals like you with a variety of print finishing needs since 1976. We have won several awards including recognition from the U.S. Business Administration. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, which means we are committed to providing the best possible quality control processes to ensure all of our customers get the best possible folding and gluing and print finishing services from us. Larkin Industries is a member of the Foil Stamping and Embossing Association, the International Association of Die Cutters and Die Makers, Printing Industry Midwest and Printing Industries of America.

How Folding and Gluing Works

Folding and gluing involves folding the blank sheet along creased lines and applying adhesive to hold the product together. As a die-cut and creased blank sheet passes through the folder-gluer machine, a selection of specially positioned guides, rotary hooks and other devices fold its panels to the required position while adhesive systems apply cold glue or hot-melt adhesive to appropriate locations. The folded and glued piece will then be place under pressure for the adhesive to cure as it is transferred to delivery.

The folding and gluing process may sound like a simple one but it is essential that is performed by industry experts like those at Larkin Industries to ensure a professional finish. Leave it to the experts at Larkin Industries; our folding and gluing process is at the forefront of innovation and our quality control is incredibly thorough.

Contact Us about Folding and Gluing

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