embossing st paul larkin industriesPrint finishing offers several different ways to make your printed product stand out and look better. One of the many services that Larkin Industries offers is embossing in St Paul. There are two basic types of embossing: the one most people know of, which is the traditional embossing method where a raised impression is made on paper stock, and debossing, which is when the imprinted causes depressions in the paper stock and leaves a depressed imprint of the image. Here are a few examples of the type of products that can benefit the most from embossing and debossing:

Stationery: Stationery is definitely one of the most popular items to get embossed. It adds a more professional and polished look, and it can really make your stationery pop, especially if you are a business and writing professional correspondence.

Certificates: Are you printing special certificates to honor and recognize award recipients or graduates? Most likely, you will want to look into embossing and foil stamping for them. Again, this makes them more eye-catching, and the foil stamping will definitely add even more pizzazz to them!

Invitations: Along the same lines as stationery, invitations are a popular item for embossing. If you are inviting people to a special event that your company or organization is hosting, embossing makes your invitations more polished and professional looking.

Direct Mail: A lot of people get direct mail pieces in their mailbox on a daily basis. How do you make your direct mail piece stand out? Embossing can help! Your direct mail piece will be more eye-catching than the others. Again, this is something that can be combined with foil stamping to make your piece more striking and more likely to catch your audience’s eyes.

Business Cards: Yet another item that many professionals use on a regular basis, business cards can benefit from embossing as well. You can have your company’s logo and your contact information stick out more, and your business cards will definitely be more likely to attract attention when you have them embossed.

These are just a handful of examples of items and materials that can benefit from embossing. If you want more examples, please feel free to contact us and we can talk to you about embossing and provide you with more information.

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