Environmental Compliance and Beyond

Larkin Industries’ environmental consciousness goes all the way back to the day it opened in 1976. It began with the recycling of the waste materials that were recyclable at that time. The company has remained committed to reducing waste, material recycling, energy efficiency and resource conservation ever since.

Larkin is currently certified as a “Great Printer” by the Printing Industry Midwest. It requires a comprehensive audit of the company’s environmental practices as well as health and safety compliance measures.

Minnesota pollution control agency larkin industries

In 2010, Larkin was featured in the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency newsletter for participating in an energy and waste audit conducted by the Minnesota Retired Engineers Technical Assistance Program. It helped identify additional “beyond compliance” measures that we have implemented.

Today, Larkin’s environmental commitment includes the following practices:

  • Extensive material recycling including paper scraps, spoiled sheets, shrink and stretch wrap, plastic banding and metal dies.
  • Chemicals are properly disposed of and used oil is captured for recycling by a registered agent.
  • Energy efficiency and resource conservation are achieved through low energy lighting, new energy efficient roofing, a dock door sealing system, an automated electricity reduction program and metered water use.