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Embossing ChicagoWhat is embossing? The embossing process involves creating a raised image by applying pressure. And, when an indentation is desired instead of a raised appearance, this process is called debossing. Often combined with foil stamping, embossing can really add creativity and character to just about anything. And, embossing can even create single level, multi-level or sculptured images.

At Larkin Industries, we specialize in embossing. Chicago and the Twin City area businesses rely on our trustworthy expertise in all things print finishing and we are proud of the work we provide for them on projects of all shapes and sizes. Whether they are direct mail pieces, certificates, invitations or anything else, you and your audience will be impressed by the caliber of services in embossing and print finishing that we provide.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, our customers can rest easy knowing all of the work we do undergoes strict and rigorous quality control measures. This certification also means that we are committed to reviewing and updating these quality control measures on a regular basis to ensure our work is of the highest possible quality at all times.

So call us at Larkin Industries today and learn all about our embossing and debossing as well as the many other excellent print finishing services we provide.

The Benefits of Embossing

At Larkin Industries we offer many great print finishing techniques to help make your product stand out and look great. And, there is no doubt that embossing is at the top of that list. It offers eye-catching appeal with a classic, elegant and professional appearance; think instant refinement!

There are also many different print applications that can benefit from this wonderful process, including:

Direct mail. Direct mail is making a huge comeback these days, offering recipients a tangible interaction with your brand. It is an effective way to reach into the homes of your customers and provide a complete brand experience from front to back. And, embossing is a great way to help it stand out from the crowd.

Stationery. Stationery is definitely one of the most popular items to have embossed. It adds a more professional and polished look, and it can really make your stationery pop, especially if you are a business and writing professional correspondence.

Business Cards. Business cards can benefit from embossing as it can help make your card stand out and attract attention. You can have your company’s logo and your contact information embossed so that it won’t go unnoticed.

Certificates. Embossing is great for printing special certificates to honor and recognize award recipients or graduates.

And, these are just a few of the many fantastic applications that can benefit from embossing and debossing. If you want more examples, please feel free to contact us and we can talk to you about embossing and provide you with more information.

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