Both die cutting and kiss cutting are great ways to add style, function and intrigue to your printed materials. But, what’s the difference between the two? Although they look similar, each offer unique differences and benefits. As the experts in both kiss cutting and die cutting for Omaha and the surrounding areas, we would like to tell you more about them and how they can work for your business.

Die Cutting omaha

An easy way to explain their differences is how each applies to stickers. Die cut stickers typically have a backing that is cut to the exact shape of the design. Kiss cut stickers typically have a square backing around the design that’s bigger than the sticker.

Die cut stickers are cut straight through the vinyl and paper backing to fit the exact shape of the design. This makes for a great looking sticker even before it’s applied. Die cutting designs can range from a single rectangular window to fancy lettering and multiple intricate designs.

Kiss cut stickers are only cut through the vinyl and the paper backing stays intact. You can print on the vinyl around a kiss cut sticker to add extra style to your design. Kiss cut stickers are ideal for delicate designs as the backing helps protect it while in transport.

Both die cutting and kiss cutting are fantastic options so it is really up to your preference. Both offer a great way to add a unique touch to any printed material. While anyone can send out square or rectangular marketing pieces, changing up the shape or adding dimension to mail outs can gain and keep your audience. Creating something that is both practical and uniquely designed with kiss or die cutting will result in more people hanging on to your card, and holding on to it longer, too.

If you have never considered the benefits of die or kiss cut stickers, business cards or other materials that tells your story, then now is a great time to try it out. The Larkin Industries team can help you determine what type of kiss or die cut will best suit your needs and then craft that piece for you. Contact Us to learn how we can help you send a card or other custom design that will keep people remembering you and what you have to offer.

For more information about how die cutting can work for your Omaha area business, contact Larkin Industries at 651-645-6000 today! We look forward to helping you!