Is your design perfect for hot stamping? The hot stamping experts for Lacrosse, Larkin Industries, are here to tell you more about this wonderful print finishing service. We can also tell you what kinds of designs and applications work best for hot stamping. Not sure if hot stamping is right for you? Simply give us a call and we can tell you more about it as well as the other print finishing services we offer to help you find a technique that works best for you and your project. But first, hot stamping:

With hot stamping, your design is first etched onto a piece of metal called a die. Then, a piece of foil goes between the die and the paper. This is all placed within a hot stamping press, which presses these layers together and creates a stamp on your paper using heat and stamping

Any artwork that suitable for letterpress can also work well with hot stamping or foil stamping. However, designing for foil or metallic print effects requires a bit more preparation than designing for other print effects. For example, certain graphics and font styles will look way better with metallic effects than others. Metallic finished can make type appear a little larger so you should adjust your font size accordingly.

The professionals at Larkin have worked to to maximize our printing quality, and the type of foil that we use creates beautiful images with clean release for a beautiful finished project. And, we utilize a platemaking process that allows superior results for designs that include fine lines and details.

There are so many great applications for foil and hot stamping. For example, envelopes look beautiful with hot stamping! We can print on the back flap and the front of envelopes for a completely custom look for your mailers.

Hot stamping also works well for anti-counterfeiting purposes. Because the hot stamping process involves a series of extremely thin layers that are hot pressed together, any attempt to separate those layers is very noticeable, making it easy to identify when a label or product has been tampered with. This is why so many checks, credit cards and other sensitive documents have holographic foil images applied.

Not sure how the hot stamping will look on your project? It can be helpful to to visualize what the end result will look like. Larkin Industries can offer you a proof so you can see exactly what the end result will look like and ensure hot stamping is the visual effect you’re looking for.

The best way to get a high-quality result with your hot stamping is to hire a print finishing company you can trust. When you have a company you can depend on like Larkin Industries, you can rest easy knowing we have the experience and know-how to enhance your beautiful design.

Are you interested in learning more about hot stamping for your Minneapolis business? Call Larkin Industries at 651-645-6000, or you can contact us to get a Free Quote.