Learn what’s new at Larkin Industries. We are continually getting new print finishing equipment and making upgrades to better serve our customers.

Ink Jet With Confidence

2021-06-09T13:12:02-05:00Friday, June 24th, 2016|

With Larkin's new ink jetting capabilities we can now bring your project to total completion. While we are not a mail house, many of our customers are, and we at Larkin are here to help our customers be as successful as possible by offering them the full support they require!! For more details please visit...

Bobst Novacut

2021-06-09T13:02:22-05:00Thursday, December 24th, 2015|

Larkin Industries is happy to announce the installation of its second high speed Bobst die cutter, with all of the latest static elimination devices. The Novacut also has cold embossing capabilities! Die cutting and embossing substrates such as paper, plastic, carton board, and corrugated are a breeze for the Bobst Novacut. With a sheet size...

New In-Line Roll Applicator/Swiper Unit

2021-06-09T13:20:50-05:00Tuesday, September 15th, 2015|

Another great piece of equipment Larkin has added to our in line finishing services. This in-line roll applicator/swiper, has a Width from .5" to 4" and a length of .4" to 39.4" and can apply a variety of products including: Security Tag Labels, RFID Tag Labels, Mag Strip Labels, Clean Release Labels, Coupons, Magnets....etc....

New In-Line Perfing/Scoring Unit

2021-06-09T13:16:17-05:00Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015|

Larkin Industries has purchased a new in-line perfing/scoring unit. This new capability will allow Larkin to perf. and/or score your project in-line while folding/gluing. This may reduce the cost of your project by eliminating the costly process of running your project through a die cutter. Another way Larkin is trying to cut cost and increase...

Rotary Affixers

2017-05-31T19:25:09-05:00Tuesday, November 18th, 2014|

Larkin Industries has purchased two servo driven rotary affixers. The new equipment additions will allow Larkin to place odd shaped pieces such as keys, coins, cd's, sample packages, etc. With product dimensions as small as 1" x 1" and as large as 8" x 8" with a consistent accuracy of +/- 1/32.

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