What’s the use of an amazing product without proper packaging? Product packaging not only contains and protects the product, it also is the first thing your customer sees. Product packaging plays a more important role in consumer decisions than you might think. A product’s packaging communicates many things, from what the product can do for your customers to your organization or company’s values. Some might say that the packaging is as important as the product itself! There are thousands of products on the market competing for your customers’ attention. So, make sure you are saying what you what you want to about your product with proper, professional folding and gluing. Here at Larkin Industries, we specialize in folding and gluing for Milwaukee area businesses and are here to tell you more about this essential process.

Folding and Gluing Milwaukee


Your product’s packaging as well as other materials can be a helpful marketing tool. Branded products and materials are easily recognized, so designing packaging or shipping envelopes with your logo is a great start. Here at Larkin, we can provide you with the print finishing services you need to get the right packaging for your product; that includes folding and gluing.

Larkin has the capabilities to die cut, fold and glue your side seam and auto bottom boxes. We can even fold your box score/gusset folders automatically. With this process, we can create small packages to hold retail products, pocket folders, gift card holders, sleeves for compact discs, shipping envelopes and more. There are so many ways you can use folding and gluing to promote your product! And, you can do it easily and affordably with Larkin Industries.

What is folding and gluing?

The process of folding and gluing involves folding the printed sheet along pre-creased lines and applying the adhesive that will hold the product together. Folding and gluing can be performed on a wide range of materials including cardboard, plastics and paper.

Most folded and glued items are produced from die cut sheets. As a die-cut and creased printed sheet passes through the folder-gluer machine, a selection of specially positioned guides, rotary hooks and other devices fold its panels to the required position while adhesive systems apply cold glue or hot-melt adhesive to appropriate locations.

Ready to get started? Our knowledgeable print finishing professionals will work with you to find the right solution for your custom printing project from a wide selection of products and options to create a look that is as unique as your business.

For more information about folding and gluing for your Milwaukee area business, contact the professionals at Larkin Industries at 651-645-6000 today! We look forward to making your project a success!