As a business owner, you are likely always coming up with new ideas to get your brand out there. And as you know, print media is one of the most effective ways to make an impression on potential customers and clients. There are also many different ways to enhance your marketing with print finishing techniques to make those items really pop. And, one of these special print finishing techniques is embossing. At Larkin Industries, we specialize in embossing for Chicago, the Twin Cities and surrounding areas and would like to provide you with an outline of what it is, how it works and how it can help.


Embossing is a process of creating a three dimensional image or design on a flat flexible surface. It is accomplished by using a combination of pressure and heat to create a raised image or impression. It can be used on a number of materials from leather to rubber to plastic and paper.

Debossing is a process of combining pressure and heat to imprint a design or image onto a surface material, creating a depression rather than a raised one.

How does it work?

A metal die is used to shape the reverse side of the design required. The die is connected to one of our specialty machines which uses heat and a stamping method to push the heated metal die into the product, leaving a permanent impression.
Foil embossing or hot foiling is commonly used in combination with embossing. It is the process where a sheet of foil is placed in between the die and the product so that the foil is stamped into the design.

What it can do for you.

Embossing lends a high quality finish to any product and offers an elevated and elegant appeal that grabs the recipient’s attention. It is suitable for even small logos and is a way to permanently add your branding to any of your materials.

Whether they are direct mail pieces, certificates, invitations or anything else, you will be impressed by the way embossing can enhance and transform them into something truly unforgettable. There are so many different print applications that can benefit from embossing, including:

  • Stationary
  • Business cards
  • Certificates
  • Direct mail
  • And more!

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