Are you looking for a way to enhance your marketing materials and interact more with your customer? Your promotional pieces should do more than just lay there. Affixing is a fantastic way to strengthen your connection with your customers through engagement. At Larkin Industries, we offer affixing for St Cloud and the surrounding areas and we look forward to telling you more about this great print finishing service!affixing st cloud

With the busy holiday shopping season coming up, now is the time to make your marketing count! With an onsert, a recipient is more likely to keep it around due to its perceived value. Having a gift card, coupon, sample credit card, or a free product sample affixed to your promotional item provides brand recognition, awareness and credibility. In fact, advertising campaigns that combine internet advertising with printed direct mail achieve up to a 25% higher response rate than an internet-only campaign.

Affixing can attach a plastic or paper discount card, coupon, or offer. The process referred to as affixing or tipping, places tacky, easy to remove glue to your base piece, attaching the extra element. The glue is strong enough to hold the detachable part securely but slides off easily with a slight rub of the fingers. It is clear, clean, does no damage, and leaves no residue.

This is an ideal, cost-friendly method for making a stronger connection with your potential customers. By affixing a gift card to your promotional piece you can encourage customers to save the item and go spend money at your business. By affixing a gift card you can make a bigger impact with your direct mail, knowing consumers engage with the ads and use them to plan purchases.

With a targeted direct mail campaign, including those with onserts, you will be able to speak specifically to groups of people you think will be interested in your product and whatever you are offering with your onsert. With affixing, the possibilities are endless.

Saturate a market or portion of one. Affixing is ideal for boosting overall awareness or driving traffic to store locations, a destination, or a website. Feel free to get creative and apply this option to your next promotional mailing to get greater engagement!

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